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Location: Nash Quarry (Carbon Dating Dinosaur Footprints)

The rock: evolution-based dated to be about 180 million years old.

Carbon dating can only be used to date organic materials that contain carbon. Dinosaur tracks in shale (rock) cannot be carbon dated... except for... some of the tracks we have from the Nash Quarry. The shale in the Nash Quarry has an unusually high level of vegetation. Most of it is fossilized or petrified. That means what we have are fossil impressions of the vegetation and pieces of vegetation that have had their organic material and spaces replaced by minerals (petrified). In both cases these are stone and cannot be carbon dated.

However, at the Nash Quarry, in rare instances, some of the small pieces of wood became coalified. The wood became coal. Coal is carbon and can be carbon dated. That means the dinosaur tracks in the same rock can be dated.

In 2013 we collected shale with coalified wood from the Nash Quarry. The coalified wood is the small dark gray and black areas in the stone in the above photo. You can also see fossilized wood. We used dental tools to remove a sufficient amount of coalified wood for carbon dating. We have the money to pay for carbon dating. But, we have yet to find a carbon dating lab that will do the work. Most will not accept samples from someone who is not associated with a university or recognized research facility. Those that would do the dating for us have a clause in their contract that excludes dating of samples that have anything to do with dinosaurs. We would become liable for all damages and costs associated with their having dated the samples. That means if evolutionists raise a ruckus, and they will, we have to pay for the attorneys as well as any awards or settlements. We don't have that kind of money.

Why don't they want to do the carbon dating?

sweep away the questions

Radioactive carbon 14 only lasts about 100,000 years. If any carbon 14 is found, that means the dinosaur bone has to be less than 100,000 years old. Carbon 14 has been found in every dinosaur bone that has been tested. This says that either carbon 14 dating is not reliable, or dinosaurs lived recently. Neither result is acceptable to evolutionists. So what do they do? Take the data at face value and figure out the reason for the young age? No. Sweep the data under the carpet (Ignore it) and take steps to ensure no further tests are done? YES!

It's unfortunate that there are some labs willing to do the dating, but they have been bullied by evolutionists (because of potential lawsuits and ad-hominim attacks).

In the previous page about the Laetoli footprints we learned that it is very difficult to get published, if your results do not agree with evolutionary thinking. A landmark documentary film, "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" documents some of the ways people and information are suppressed. We've put the complete film below:

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