Index to the Online Catalog Of Dinosaur Tracker Museum Exhibit Materials

This is a catalog of some of the fossils and fossil reproductions owned by the museum. However, not all fossils in our inventory (catalog) are on exhibit in the museum. Some fossils are being used in research. Other fossils are rotated in/out of the exhibits. And some fossils are being stored for use in future exhibits or as a part of mobile exhibits.

This catalog is not complete. We are working on it as volunteer hours are available. Images of some of the fossils and other materials can also be seen in the online museum tour. The "In The Museum" tour pages show many of the exhibits.

In most cases a photograph of both sides of the fossil is included. The image filenames identify the storage location and whether the photograph is of the top or bottom of the stone. The letter "T" indicates the top and the letter "B" at the end of the filename indicates the bottom. of the fossil.

Some images may be updated in the future to improve image quality.

All images are copyrighted by Move to Assurance (MTA). These images may not be copied or used without permission. If you would like to use one of our images, please contact us. We are generous in granting permission, however you must have written permission BEFORE using the image. The definition of using the image includes, but is not limited to: social media, in print, on a web site, as part of or on a product, or in any other way either electronic or otherwise, for profit or non-profit.

At this time descriptions of the materials are not available in the catalog.


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The images on these pages are only intended for inventory purposes, to aid our staff in locating fossils, and guide them in properly returning materials to the correct storage location. In some cases the quality of the image may be less than what would be best for examining the object. We may upgrade the images in the future, should we have the volunteer hours available. However, we hope this gives you a feel for what is available, both on display in the museum and stored in our back rooms.

fossil dinosaur footprint