Dinosaur Tracker Museum Is Open Online

Here's What You'll See In The Dinosaur Tracker Museum

We are open online and glad you could join us here.

In this online tour you will see some of what will be in the museum, and the entire story from dinosaur tracks, to the global flood, to salvation through Jesus Christ. You will learn the same things here as you'll learn in the physical museum, plus more. We can fit more in the online version than we can fit in a physical building. Enjoy!

Learn about dinosaur tracks

Learn About Dinosaur Tracks

The tour starts with the science of ichnology and learning about dinosaur tracks. For example, you will learn what a fossil footprint can tell us about the dinosaur that made it. What does a dinosaur track (fossil footprint) look like? Take a look at three stones, we have in our museum, in the photograph above. Each has one or more dinosaur tracks. The track on the left has been highlighted, so it's easy to see. The one in the middle is natural (unhighlighted), and a little harder to see. However, there is more than one footprint on that stone. The stone on the right has various colors and a texture, yet there are at least five tracks visible. You can see them, if you know what to look for. In just a short time you will know what to look for.

What can dinosaur tracks tell us? In some cases we can identify a left foot from a right foot. We can identify the basic type of dinosaur, and how big it was. And as we examine all the evidence, we'll see that dinosaur tracks provide powerful evidence that a global (Biblical) flood actually happened.

Dinosaur eggs and nests

Dinosaur Eggs

The next stop will be dinosaur eggs. Like dinosaur tracks, eggs provide powerful physical evidence supporting the Biblical global flood. We'll learn that the conditions resulting from a global flood are the only conditions that could result in eggs being preserved as fossils.

On the other hand there are a number of myths that are promoted as the result of evolution. These include birds evolving from dinosaurs, and humans and apes having a common ancestor. We'll look at these, and other evolution myths, by examining the evidence such as the Lucy fossil (Australopithecus afarensis) and the archaeopteryx (bird) fossils. WE have replicas of both of these are in the museum.

Noah's Ark - The Door Is Open

There is a lot between the dinosaur eggs and the end of the tour. but let's jump to the end. The museum finishes with the Ark and the gospel. For more than 100 years Noah was a preacher of righteousness, warning people about the judgment to come. Anyone who wanted to could have walked through the door of the Ark and been saved. But, only Noah and his immediate family did. Just eight people. And they alone were saved.

Today everyone has the same choice. We have been warned in God's word. His warning has been proclaimed for thousands of years. "Go through the door which is Jesus Christ!" Just as those who went through the door of the Ark 4,500 years ago were saved, so also will those who go through Jesus Christ be saved.

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