It's going to make this a long page, but we're going to answer all ten of the most common creation related questions. These questions are on a sign in the museum that provides very short answers to these questions, sometimes just one word. We'll go into a little more depth here. Each answer will have a link to more detail on our web site.

ten creation questions

(1) Where did Cain get his wife?

Cain married his sister. Why do we think that is disgusting? Because it's just not done. Marrying a close relative means both people have many of the same mutations. This is called inbreeding and results in serious mutations and medical problems for their children. Because Cain and his sisters had essentially no mutations, their children would be fine.

(2) Can't Christians believe in evolution?

They can. Believing that God creating everything from nothing is not a requirement for salvation, but evolution is totally incompatible with the Bible. One of the biggest problems is that evolution is driven by natural selection and death. The better fit survive and the weak die off being less likely to survive. That means death came before Adam, a direct contradiction of what scripture says.

(3) Doesn't carbon dating prove the earth is very very old?

No. It's impossible because carbon dating is only good for short time durations... tens of thousands of years not millions of years. Other types of radioactive dating are used for long ages. However, that doesn't help. Those dating methods are based on assumptions that have resulted in these type of dating methods failing attempts to calibrate them.

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dinosurs on te ark

(4) How do dinosaurs fit in the Bible?

Of course dinosaurs are in the Bible. However, the purpose of the Bible is to inform us about our condition (we're law breakers), who God is (creator and savior), and what He has done to deal with our condition (the cross). The Bible was never intended to be a zoology textbook, describing the dinosaurs or any other animal. However, in the course of talking about things God created, dinosaurs are mentioned (Job 40). In addition, we learn that God created dinosaurs on day six of creation when he created the land animals ("beasts of the earth after their kind").

(5) Haven't scientists proven the earth is billions of years old?

Evolution requires that the earth be billions of years old. If it were any younger there would not be enough time for evolution to happen. It's not that the evidence shows the earth to be old, it that evolution falls apart if the earth in not billions of years old. The claim is that radioactive dating shows the earth to be old. However, the radioactive dating methods are based on assumptions designed to give the desired answers, and all evidence to the contrary is ignored.

(6) How did Noah get all the animals on the ark?

Easily. There was plenty of room. If you get a chance, visit the Ark Encounter in Kentucky and see for yourself. God did not have to bring the fully-grown dinosaurs. It would make sense to bring the smaller, young dinosaurs. They'd take up less space, eat less, and produce less waste. To illustrate this, most of our dinosaur reproductions are life-size juveniles.

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dinosurs on te ark

(7) Wasn't There A Gap Between the first Two Verses of Genesis?

No gap. A gap of billions of years between the first two verses of Genesis was an idea created to accommodate evolution. It is not supported by evolution-based science nor by scripture. For example Exodus 20:11 states: "In six days, the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them." This is a plain statement by God that He made everything in six, ordinary, 24-hour days, as described in Genesis. And Romans 5:12 states, "by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin." But based on the Gap Theory God is wrong to say this. There was actually hundreds of millions of years of death before Adam.

(8) Don't Skulls Show Evolution From Ape To Human?

Nope. Fossils identified based on evolutionary theory as being in the human lineage can be placed into two categories: fully human and not human. The human skulls are fully modern human. Although they may have pathologies or genetic-based differences (such as results from inbreeding), they all fit within normal human variation. The non-human skulls are usually ape skulls. Claims they are human ancestors are based on human body fossils that are mixed in with the ape fossils. Ape and human fossils are often found mixed together, resulting in skeletons that are part human and part ape put together based on wishful thinking.

(9) Are the Days of Creation Ordinary Days?

Yes, six 24-hour days. Hebrew scholars agree that Genesis is written as a historical narrative, meaning it is written to report real historical events. When Genesis uses the word "day" in chapter one, it means a 24-hour day. The context of the days being numbered, "Day one... Day two... etc.," makes it clear these are 24-hour day. When days are numbered, they are always 24-hour days. The context also includes the phrase "evening and morning." That is a phrase that defines a 24-hour day.

(10) Where Did The Races Come From?

The eight people on the ark. Noah had three sons who married, and the eight of them were the only people on the ark. Every human alive today comes from the eight people on the Ark. So we're all related... EVREYONE of us. We have cultural differences, but we are ALL one race. People were divided when God confused the languages at Babel. Speaking different languages people could not understand each other. As a result humanity spread across the globe. The people of each language group seeking a place they could make their own.

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