The museum tour begins with real fossil dinosaur tracks. These fossil footprints provide significant evidence that points to a global flood. They provide a first step as we head towards salvation through Jesus Christ.

Extensive Fossil Track Collection

The top photo shows some of our tracks on display in a classroom at a church. All of the tracks you'll see on this on-line tour are fossils in our collection. We have a wide variety of tracks, allowing our museum visitors to see variations in what fossil footprints look like. We also have numerous other fossils, some that are similar to dinosaur tracks, so... after museum visitors learn a little about dinosaur tracks... they can take the test to see how well they do at finding and identifying tracks.

Fossil Track Display

track display

This photo shows our display of exceptionally high quality dinosaur tracks. Museum visitors will be able to see the pads on the bottom of the feet, sharp claws, and even skin impressions. This photo is from 2010 when we started using this display in our evangelism booths. It has never failed to draw a crowd.

These tracks are mounted in a box so museum visitors can touch them, actually touching the same "mud" (now hardened to rock) that the bottom of a dinosaur's foot touched. The fossil on the pedestal is a dinosaur toe print that has been sectioned (cut) to reveal the sediment layers within the fossil impression. The pattern of sediment layers indicates a quick, gentle, continuous deposition of sediment, such as would happen during a global flood.

A Must See Display

dinosaur tracks

We have been showing this particular exhibit for over ten years. Both kids and adults love to see the dinosaur tracks. As you can see in this picture, the woman in the back is trying to see, and a third woman (way in the back, behind the woman wearing pink) is trying to get a look from a distance. Our exhibits allow you to get a close-up look at real dinosaur fossils, and understand what you are seeing. We're not a museum that is just about... ooooh... ahhhh... look at these fossils. You not only get to oooh and ahhhh, we have easy to understand exhibits that will help you become a dinosaur track expert.

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